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Where cine and kink collide.

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Thursday, October 7th, 2010
8:45 pm - CineKink: Los Angeles ... this weekend!

CineKink -- “the kinky film festival” -- brings its annual, national tour to Los Angeles, October 8-10, 2010.

With screenings at the Downtown Independent and the Echo Park Film Center, CINEKINK: LOS ANGELES will offer a specially-curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore a wide and exciting world of sexual diversity, with works ranging from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit - and everything in between.

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Friday, February 12th, 2010
10:04 am - Prepare to be titillated!


Billing itself as the "kinky film festival," CineKink NYC returns for its seventh annual appearance February 16-21, 2010, bringing with it a specially-curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality.

The kink-filled festivities begin Tuesday, February 16th, at 8 PM, with a fundraising Kick-Off Gala to be held at Kush Lounge (191 Chrystie Street, NYC), a pansexual celebration that, in addition to music and sexy performances, features a pair of cinematic spectacles--THE 400 BLOW JOBS and THE SHEEP AND THE RANCH HAND.

The festival then moves to Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue, NYC), Wednesday, February 17 through Saturday, February 20, with several different film and video programs scheduled for each day. An awards celebration and an "AfterGlow" party complete the festivities on Sunday, February 21.

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Friday, August 28th, 2009
12:16 pm - How about a thumbs up?!


Vote for my PanelPicker Idea!

We recently submitted a couple of proposals on topics we'd like to present at the next SXSW festival--and we'd love your thumbs-up support on either or both if you're so inclined.

Both proposals have been included in the SXSW 2010 PanelPicker, the rather sadomasochistic tool that the event uses to help determine which topics will ultimately be included... your "yes" votes and comments can definitely make a difference!

#1 - The Porn Police Are STILL at the Door
Not just for pornographers, the notion for this panel grew out of our work curating CineKink, as we noticed that entries submitted by filmmakers from the adult sphere typically included notice that federal record-keeping requirements for sexually explicit material had been properly met, while those coming from the independent film world did not. (If you’re thinking “2257, huh?” that could probably be you!)Making matters worse, the regulations have recently been expanded to cover not just actual or documentary depictions of sex, but simulated situations—ie fiction—as well.

Yikes, you say? Pick this panel!

#2 - Was It Something I Said? TOS And Content
Meanwhile, this panel was inspired by the frustrations we've experienced over the years trying to position and promote a sex-related endeavor on the internet--from finding a web host and sending email blasts, to processing ticket sales and donations, to creating an identity in social marketing and getting our videos placed on popular sites. Seemingly the old adage--“I’ll know it when I see it”--flourishes online, where murky definitions of what content is and is not allowed abound. One gatekeeper’s “inappropriate” is another’s “adult” is another’s “offensive, obscene and/or pornographic.” How are we affected as users and creators--and is there any recourse?

Wanna find out? Pick this panel!

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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
2:47 am - Hey...you got socially redeeming importance in my prurient interest!

(image via SIU School of Law)

Given the promises made within the bold red circle on the cover, you can imagine our delight when we stumbled upon our parents' copy of the unexpurgated edition of Lady Chatterley's Lover, tucked way, way up high on the top shelf of their bookcase. And, if you happened to read the same tome as an eager youth, you can also appreciate our vague disappointment as we realized the book was a bit more, well, literary than some other offerings found in their 1970s-era library.

All of that was possible thanks to a court decision made 50 years ago today--resulting from the efforts of Grove Press publisher Barney Rosset, who sued the US Postal Service for confiscating copies of the uncensored version of the novel, which had long been banned for its sex scenes. As recounted in the New York Times, an attorney hired by Rosset, Charles Rembar, spotted a loophole in an earlier Supreme Court ruling and argued that while a work might be found obscene, it could at the same time present ideas of "redeeming social importance" - and qualify for First Amendment protections afterall.

Though obscenity battles continue on today, the ruling on July 21, 1959 in favor of Grove Press took away the Post Office's absolute authority to impound and restrict such works. And paved the way for Lady Chatterley's Lover to find its way to bookshelves throughout America, to be joined later by such subsequent Grove Press gems as the first US edition of The Story of O and "My Secret Life," the purported erotic memoir of a Victorian gentleman, along with many less prurient offerings.

Barney Rosset's skirmishes against censorship and the ups and downs of Grove Press are detailed in the recent documentary Obscene:

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
1:44 pm - Coming soon!

As you're hopefully well aware by now, CineKink NYC is getting set for its sixth annual appearance February 24-March 1, 2009, again bringing you a specially-curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality.

While we fine-tune and finesse the last details of the program line-up, to be announced very soon, be sure to block out your calendar so you don't miss a single second of the CineKinky wonders!

Tuesday, February 24 - 8 pm/Kick-Off Gala

2/25 - 6:45 pm/+ Screenings @ Anthology Film Archives
2/26 - 6:45 pm/+ Screenings @ Anthology Film Archives
2/27 - 6:45 pm/+ Screenings @ Anthology Film Archives
2/28 - 12:30 pm/+ Screenings @ Anthology Film Archives

Sunday, March 1
6 pm/Awards Celebration
8 pm/AfterGlow Party

More info...soon!

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Thursday, January 29th, 2009
6:59 pm - Last Call for CineKink Tribute nominations!

We're currently accepting nominations for the CineKink Tribute, an annual award that honors outstanding depictions of kink and sex-positivity in mainstream film and television.

Last year's CineKink Tribute was presented to the film Shortbus-- directed by our long-time nemesis, John Cameron Mitchell, and distributed by ThinkFilm--for its "frank, funny and human look at the inextricable role sexuality plays in our day-to-day lives and the many flavors it can exhibit."

Meanwhile, honorable mentions (aka the CineKink Nod) went to Focus Feature's Lust, Caution, to ThinkFilm's documentary release Zoo and to the syndicated series, The Oprah Winfrey Show. (Yes, that Oprah...for the episode "237 Reasons to Have Sex"!) (You thought there were only 236?)

A wide range of works--will it be Tyra?--are eligible for consideration, as long as they were released for US distribution (theatrical, broadcast and/or cable) at any time in 2008. Winners will be announced in conjunction with CineKink NYC, which is coming up February 24-March 1, 2009.

So, who's gonna take it home this year? Let us know!

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Thursday, January 8th, 2009
5:54 pm - What to do, what to do?

Holy dueling CineKink alumni! Tonight's entertainment options might leave us with something of a dilemma, as disparate performers from CineKink kick-offs past take the stage in different parts of the city. (NYC that is, apologies to be so centric.)

But if you move fast you may be able to catch them both, proving that you really can enjoy everything you desire. Performing at 8 PM, that fabulous cabaret duo, The Wet Spots will bring their sophisticated sex comedy to the Zipper Factory. Then at 10 PM, zoom on down to the Slipper Room for the Jessica Delfino Dirty Folk Rock Show.

Below, a few tantalizing dollops of what treats lie in store, as our performers offer up their musical talents in praise of favorite orifi:

The Wet Spots / "Do You Take It?" (CineKink '06)

Jessica Delfino / "My Pu55y is Magic" (CineKink '08)

(via CineKinkster)

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Friday, December 19th, 2008
11:56 am - The procrastinator's almost-too-late gift-giving guide to kinky cinema

Maybe it's our masochistic streak, but we always find ourselves waiting until it's really almost too late before we kick into gift-giving mode during the holiday season. Ahhhh the sweet torture...the rush of adrenalin, the sense of impending danger as we fear we've really done it this time...followed by the relief of just barely squeaking it out in time!

For those of you who also indulge in this ritualistic practice of self-abuse, a few choice tidbits of cinematic kink for your giving pleasure, all available with a little extra penance paid in the form of two-day (next-day?!) shipping via Amazon.

But hurry! Or not, if you really enjoy your punishments:

Preaching to the Perverted
As we mentioned earlier, there's a new Guinevere Turner-hosted edition of this sexy saga, the tale of a fresh-faced (and suit-wearing!) moral crusader who attempts to infiltrate the lair of fetish goddess Tanya Cheex (aka Guinevere Turner!). (Winner, Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature, CineKink '03)

Silken Sleeves
Just in time for the new year, director Maria Beatty celebrates the four seasons of kink in the form of bondage diva Midori lavishing all kinds of attention on the helpless and beautiful Maya. Fall, winter, spring...mmm, summer! (Winner, Audience Choice Award for Best Experimental Feature, CineKink '08)

Swingtown: The First Season
Oh, the swinging seventies! We're still waiting for news that this engagingly sex-positive ABC(!) series will be back for another round--yep, we're masochists--but in the meantime, here's the first, glorious season all in one place.

The Notorious Bettie Page
We were all sad to learn of the passing of Bettie Page. This homage, directed by Mary Harron and starring Gretchen Mol, is a moving and tender portrait of the infamous pin-up star and the people who both created and consumed the imagery for which she's known best. (Winner, CineKink Tribute, CineKink '06)

Film Festival Secrets: A Handbook for Independent Filmmakers
You wouldn't step into a dungeon without knowing how not to flog somebody in the kidneys--well, at least you shouldn't. Similarly, don't set forth on the path of the film festival circuit without having some clue of what you're doing. Here's that and more, all jammed into one handy, travel-ready tome.

So, there's a good start! We're going to keep this brief since, well, we've still got some shopping of our own to do, but more rummaging can be found in our new CineKink @ Amazon section--with past festival selections available here!

Don't mind the mess--we're still moving things around. And get shopping!

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Friday, November 21st, 2008
11:08 am - More grist for the mill.

With news that Basil Tsiokos, long-time artistic director of NewFest: The New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Film Festival, had recently stepped down from his post, we had more of that earth-shifting-beneath-us sense that the film festival world is truly changing.

But even as he underscores the pressing festival financial realities that are only worsening in today's economic climate, writing in an indieWIRE piece, FIRST PERSON | Basil Tsiokos: The Challenging State of Film Fests Today, he also offers some profound reminders of what draws many of us to this endeavor in the first place:

...the suggestion has grown that LGBT festivals have become increasingly irrelevant, especially in major metropolitan centers with large LGBT communities. What this ignores is that identity based niche fests serve a need beyond simply showcasing what used to be called "positive images." Certainly, there are more LGBT images readily available in 2008 than there were when NewFest was founded in 1988 - but even then, when audiences were starved for representation, NewFest served another, more critical function: providing a communal public social setting where LGBT individuals could celebrate or debate LGBT films together with other LGBT audience members.

Substitute "kink" or "sex-positive" for LGBT and you not only get to the core of CineKink but, moving beyond mission statements, you land upon the aspect that energizes and inspires us to keep it growing. It's an amazing thrill to bring CineKink's films and filmmakers together with our audiences, to feel the buzz of "like-mindedness" as they experience a work together--or to speak with a director right after she's had her work screened to a crowd that so apparently gets it.

We'll keep those moments in mind over the next several months of preparing for the next CineKink NYC, most especially while keeping an eye on the budget and taking on the anxious task of drumming up financial wherewithals.

And we'll wish Basil the very best of luck in his next adventures.

(via Film Festival Secrets; x-posted to CineKinkster)

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
10:30 am - CineKink call-for-entries extended!

As noted in last week's CineKink update, we'd been so transfixed in an election-related fog the past several weeks that we lost sight of the fact that our final deadline for submissions was rapidly approaching.

So, to accommodate everyone who might be in a similar frame of mind, anyone who might wish to buy a little extra time, the LAST call for entries to CineKink NYC has been extended, with a new "final-final" (really!) deadline set for Saturday, November 29th. (Really!)

For more information and to download an entry form, go right here.

And do it soon now!

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
2:42 am - No, no, oh yes... I mean NO!

No on Prop 8, that is! And with just one week left before the votes are tallied, here's a way to get into the fray while making sure that both libidinous and activist urges are fully sated.

For one day only--Tuesday, October 28--Comstock Films will be passing along all proceeds from the sale of their wonderfully erotic documentaries to benefit the "No on Proposition 8" campaign and support same-sex marriage.

That's 100 percent of the price of any DVD from their ground-breaking series that profiles the passions of real-life lovers--including past CineKink festival favorite, Damon and Hunter: Doing it Together--donated for every purchase made until midnight on Tuesday.

As they say...buy early and buy often!

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Friday, October 24th, 2008
1:30 pm - Taking it to Washington...CineKink: DC

Make plans to join us and tell all of your friends... CineKink is heading to the nation's capitol with two nights of double-headers!

Celebrating and exploring a wide diversity of sexuality, the films and videos in these sex-positive and kink-friendly showcases range from documentary to drama, camp comedy to hot porn, mildy spicy to quite explicit - and everything in between.

And, then...we party!

On Friday, November 21 at 8:00 pm, the program is "Give & Take," a kinky collection of short films and videos that probe, prod and play with the dynamics of sexual power and release, control and submission.

And on Saturday, November 22 at 8:00 PM, "Mix, Match & Mingle" is a round-up of two-somes, three-somes, four-somes and more-somes, featuring short works that look at the delights - and some dilemmas - of moving beyond monogamy.

Taking place at The Crucible (1816 Half Street SW, Washington, DC), tickets for each screening are $10/advance and $15/door; tickets for each screening plus after-party are $30/advance and $40/door.

Advance tickets are available at http://www.the-crucible.com

For more information and the full program line-up, visit http://www.cinekink.com/tour/dc

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Friday, October 17th, 2008
10:36 pm - Filth and wisdom?

Just as with dating, it might be too much to expect both qualities in one package. And the not-so-mixed reviews don't exactly make a compelling argument for a dash to the cineplex. (Though largely affectionate--"I sort of liked it"--critic Andrew O'Hehir's review also includes the observation that it "...seems like a movie Jim Jarmusch might have started in 1991 and then abandoned because it wasn't going anywhere." Yikes! That's the very fear that has kept us unproductively lodged in our creativity burrow all these many decades.)

But Madonna's directorial debut, Filth and Wisdom, would seem to have enough CineKink-relevant themes to warrant at least a quick go-over--and, who knows, quite possibly a Tribute? We're ever-eager to be happily surprised.

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12:00 pm - Pssst!


You probably won't get the inside scoop on what really goes down at the CineKink AfterGlow, but otherwise you'll find all kinds of useful insider knowledge crammed into Film Festival Secrets: A Handbook for Independent Filmmakers.

Written by Christopher Holland, keeper of a blog of the same name and Manager of Festival Operations for B-Side Entertainment , the book is available for free online perusal. And/or, for those of us who prefer something tangible in our hot, little hands, may be purchased via Amazon.

And, lest we forget our own critical niche on the film festival circuit, a reminder that the CineKink call for entries is still underway. Submit now!

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Friday, October 10th, 2008
3:55 pm - Sorry for the late notice, but slap on your leathers and come on down!


CineKink @ New York Leather Weekend - TONIGHT!
As part of NYLW, a weekend-long celebration of NYC's almost-back-to-burgeoning leather scene, we're presenting 'Give and Take,' a kinky collection of shorts that probe, prod and play with the dynamics of sexual control and submission. Assume the position!

Friday, October 10 - 8 pm

LGBT Community Center
208 W. 13th Street (bet. 7/8th), NYC

More info and full program line-up is here!

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Monday, September 22nd, 2008
11:45 am - Ready to Submit?!?

Call for Entries - CineKink NYC/2009

CineKink NYC - "the really alternative film festival" - is seeking films and videos, of any length and genre, that explore and celebrate the wide diversity of sexuality. Dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, we're looking to blur some boundaries and will be considering offerings drawn from both Hollywood and beyond, with works ranging from documentary to drama, camp comedy to hot porn, mildly spicy to quite explicit - and everything in between.

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Friday, September 5th, 2008
2:52 pm - Teasing out a climax


Whether tonight's epidode of Swingtown will be the last of the season or the last ever still remains to be seen. Either way, creators are promising some type of denouement for the evening. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly earlier in the summer, executive producer Alan Poul reported that while the season ends with a cliffhanger, "... it's also a completely satisfying ending. So, if we go forward, there are many new things that are set up to explore. And if we don't go forward, there's no feeling that we've been left with something incomplete."

The program's community forum is abuzz with either prospect, with many planning to participate in tonight's CBS-planned online block party. (Bring your own potato salad?)

CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler reportedly remains a fan of the show, but has been disappointed with its ratings and has been shopping it to various cable outlets, where it might have a better chance to flourish away from prudish broadcast standards and the pressure of right-wing extremists placed upon program advertisers.

Reasonable speculation could see the series going to Showtime, a corporate partner of CBS, which yesterday signed a two-year development deal with Swingtown creator Mike Kelley. Primary in the deal will be a new series, BiCoastal, which centers on a man trying to juggle a wife and kids in a Los Angeles and a new male love in NYC. But as enticing as that possibility might be, the Hollywood Reporter quotes Kelley on a continuing loyalty to his current series: "Swingtown is my priority, and I believe there is a home for the show, hopefully it's on CBS. But if not, we'd be happy just to be able to continue to tell these characters' story."

If you'd like to help in that worthy endeavor, please drop a note of support to CBS right here.

And some pleading encouraging words to Showtime while you're at it.

(x-posted to CineKinkster)

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Thursday, September 4th, 2008
12:41 pm - The smart choice for your future?

Last night as we settled in to watch the Republic National Convention--nothing wrong with a little bi-partisan masochism!--we thought back to a favorite, short video that was once making the rounds.

For a presidential ticket dedicated to rolling back Roe v. Wade and a party that's built abstinence-only education into its national platform, we can think of no better tribute than this semi-vintage gem, Future:

From the folks at the now-defunt TechnicalVirgin.com, who also brought us the similarly-themed Boys Can Wait, the video had a recent round of notoriety when the the actress was sacked from her hosting gig on a PBS children's show because of her involvement in it.

Family values all around!

(x-posted to CineKinkster)

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Friday, August 15th, 2008
2:20 am - Yes, again, please - we will take another!

Even though it was first released in 1997, Preaching to the Perverted was an obvious choice to open the first-ever CineKink NYC back in 2003, where it took home one of our first-ever Audience Choice Awards.

From British director Stuart Urban, the movie follows a fresh-faced infiltrator who is dispatched by moral crusaders in Parliament to gather evidence against fetish clubs in the United Kingdom, where many of the saucier activities are illegal. Thrust into a shiny latex world of clubs and parties, he instead - of course! - becomes infatuated with Tanya Cheex, leader of the fetish scene on both sides of the Atlantic. While he wants her to calm down, become "normal" and avoid going to jail, she wants to pervert him. Who will win? We can only say "hmmm..."

While it's one of the few wholeheartedly S/M-positive films created to date and a favorite recommendation, until now only a trimmed-up R-rated version has been available on DVD in the US.


But brilliant news! Featuring interview extras by film critic Alonso Duralde with the beyond-sexy star of the movie, Guinevere Turner, there's a new version out that is touted as unrated and looks to have a likely-key three minutes returned to its running time.

Starting today, freshly available on DVD... Preaching To The Perverted: Guinevere Turner Signature Edition!

(via morrocomole)

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Monday, August 4th, 2008
12:03 pm - Come tryst with us!


CineKink's Tawdry Summer Tryst!

Tuesday, August 5th - 8 pm
The Red Room @ KGB Complex
85 E. 4th Street (@ 2nd Ave)

It's our fifth anniversary and we'll be mixing it up at The Red Room to celebrate! Cozy up to a new best friend, sink back into air-conditioned comfort and heat up with CineKink's anniversary revisit with a few of our favorite, recent hook-ups ...

TEAT BEAT OF SEX (Signe Baumane)
Three animated lectures on sex.

SALT (Campbell Farquhar)
A shared passion for food - and other things.

HIGHWAY AMAZON (Ronnie Cramer)
A meet up with bodybuilder Christine Fetzer, who earns her living traveling the country and wrestling men on hotel room beds.

IN YER ROOM (Bobby McNasty)
Ol' Blue Eyes never sang it quite like this.

THE PARTY (Jessica Rotondi)
A guy drags his girlfriend to a craigslist "Make-out Party," but soon discovers it wasn't quite what he expected.

The filmmaker examines his own ideas about sex and love by venturing into the world of swingers, where partners are interchangeable and have virtually nothing to hide.


THE GOOD GIRL (Erika Lust)
Alex is a high-powered exec who thinks about sex a lot, but rarely acts upon her desires and never takes the initiative. Until now, that is. (Pictured above!)

Cocktails to follow, downstairs at KGB Bar.

More info and advance tickets - highly recommended - are here!

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